VSphere6, VCenter6 Installation

Posted on January 8, 2016
  1. Crash happened when I install Vsphere on my PC

    Solution: Disable option “Limit Maximum CPUID” in Bios

  2. VCenter appliance deployment

    Vmware doesn’t provide vcenter appliance in ova/ovf format anymore, follow the instruction to deploy it.

  3. Inventory is empty in the VCenter webpage

    The most important thing: Don’t login vcenter by the account ‘root’, instead of it using SSO account. the account in the format: ‘administrator@domain-name’

    Also, Vmware has a KB about this issue:

    To resolve the time synchronization problem, ensure that the system times on the vSphere Web Client system and vCenter Server system differ by no more than 5 minutes

    Access: https://vcenter:5480 to configure the server’s time

  4. Error Installing VMRC 8.0 on Windows 10

    Follow the instruction: The solution is to start the installer from an elevated command prompt “Run as Administrator”, and then run the MSI packages from here.

  5. Serial port over network


    Make sure the service was permitted in:


VSphere6, VCenter6 Installation


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